Our Mission

The mission, vision and the culture of the organization, is it in-line with your expectation.
The augmentation factor, do you see yourself growing along with the organization, reaching
new career growth.

We intend to enhance the soft skills, confidence and etiquettes to help younger generation to exhibit their talent in various fields through Public Speaking / Sharing such as Technology, Robotics, Science, Fashion Design, Food prep, Politics and so many. This is platform transform younger generation to leaders of the future.

We have selectively tested training and testing modules for the Younger generation across ages. We would use two methodologies for this purpose:

1. In-Person session – Capturing videos

2. Virtual classroom training.

Why ExpressRight?

At ExpressRight, we have expert professionals with more than 15 to 20 years of experience.

We are focused on simplifying things for the kids making them fearless and confident speakers, with a clarity in thought , encouraging them to enhance their niche skills and upgrading the bar of their confidence and knowledge as an individual. We believe in giving the kids enough time space and leverage to showcase their full potential.

We plan to help the kids realize their strength, as an individual and take peer competition in public speaking to a level of a healthy competitive and friendly atmosphere where they mutually act as an aid to help their peers to become confident public speakers.